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Available courses

Come join HHS's California Scholarship Federation! Our club is recognized for it's prestige in academics and community service. If you are interested in bonding with other like-minded scholars who care about the world around them, come check us out at our webpage or visit one of our meetings to learn more.

Mock Trial/Speech and Debate is a course designed to make you a deeper thinker, better analyzer and more effective speaker.  All skills learned in this class will help you navigate your everyday life after high school. The first semester prepares you for Mock Trial competition by teaching you the basics of law, litigation and rhetorical strategy. Hesperia High will field a Mock Trial team for the 2017 school year, and you will be expected to contribute to the success of that team.

 The second semester focuses on debating techniques and proper protocol for speech and debate competition. Though Hesperia High will not field a Speech and Debate team this year, you will become prepared to speak publicly and persuasively in a high-stress situation. 

Ms. Stephan's English II class

English III Advanced Placement is a course designed to challenge students in the art of rhetoric and argumentation. No longer will you be analyzing a text to determine WHAT it says, now you will examine HOW the text creates meaning. In addition, we will cover all the major periods of American literature.

British Lit

If anyone ever tells you that writing is easy, they're either lying or they've never done it themselves. Even the best writers must work hard at their craft. In English IV Expository Writing, we will try our hand in writing for a multitude of purposes. We'll examine what good writers do and don't do, and we'll explore the various modes of writing. Come prepared to read and write. You wouldn't sign up to play football without expecting to practice, now would you?

Beginning Peer focuses on listening to what others are saying. Our task as peer counselors is to listen and understand when others are experiencing problems in their lives. We will become great listeners and communicators. We will develop our empathy for others, and learn to see life through multiple perspectives. We are not healers or advisors; we listen, understand and feel. 

Welcome to United States History. This site contains links, tools, and assignments that are designed to aid and enhance your knowledge of U. S. History.This course will provide Students with an opportunity to study the major turning points in American History.


Welcome to AP U.S. History. This site contains links, tools, and writing assignments that are designed to aid and enhance your knowledge of United States history.This course will provide Students with a college level experience in United States history and prepare them to take the AP exam, which is given in May of each year.


Campbell's Art Class website is here: http://campbellsartclass.weebly.com/

Advanced Photography is a fine arts/vocational prep course at HHS. Therefore, we will cover not only the artistic side of photography but also the technical side. The course will be taught using digital SLR cameras and Adobe Photoshop CS5 software. Because this is an advanced course some of the material will be self-selected based on students’ personal interests in photography. Advanced photography students will spend time taking pictures on campus and then critiquing them in classroom discussions. Lecture, group work, presentations, and research/writing projects will also be utilized to cover the course material.

Beginning Photography is a fine arts/industrial technology course at HHS. We will cover both the artistic side of photography as well as the technical side—aesthetically what makes a great photograph and technically how to create great photographs.  The course will be taught using digital SLR cameras and Adobe Photoshop CS5 software.  Some of the concepts to be covered include lighting, composure, technique, editing, and critique.  Students will also learn about the many outlets for photography including photojournalism, portraiture, commercial and fine art photography.